Wrecks off Newhaven

This page is dedicated to information of wrecks our Club members have dived, we hope it gives an insight into the wrecks around our coast and helps any fellow divers discover them to. We have supplied Rough GPS marks and a brief history of the vessel and also a description of its present state, anyone wishing to contribute/add any information to the page please contact
Any Divers wishing the exact marks of the wrecks below please contact us

Ashford SS

Branksome SS

Braunton SS

City of Brisbane

City Of Waterford

Clan MacMillan SS

Clodemore SS

Devon Coast SS

Fortuna SS

Harold SS

Inger SS

Lancer 11 HMT

Mira SS

Nyon SS

Pottery Wreck

Quail SS

T R Thompson SS

Vasco SS