Learn to Scuba Dive with BSAC49

Learning to Scuba Dive opens up a whole new exhilarating underwater adventure and can be a life changing experience.

If youíre keen to learn to scuba dive BSACís Ocean Diver course is the place to start. This is an entry-level diving qualification, that will equip you with the core skills to dive to a maximum depth of 20 metres in open water, in both the UK and abroad.

To get started.

We recommend you come to the Club and do a Try Dive. Try dives are a fun and easy way to find out if Scuba Diving is for you. Each try dive is about 1 hour in duration, including poolside tuition on diving equipment and safety. Before taking you into the pool for a scuba dive with a BSAC qualified instructor. A Try dive costs only £15 and if you decide to join us we deduct the cost off your joining fee.
Email: trydive@bsac49.org.uk to find out more or book a Try Dive

Who can Learn to Scuba Dive?
Almost anyone over the age of 14 can learn to Scuba Dive.(medical restrictions do apply)
If you have any questions about medical restrictions, please contact us.

What will you learn.

Your instructor will start by getting you comfortable breathing underwater in the pool and then develop your skills so that you are competent to dive safely in open water. After that you'll will progress onto a series of at least four dives in open water to develop your skills and confidence.

You'll learn how to use basic dive equipment, control your buoyancy and move around underwater. The course covers basic safety skills and how to plan and mange your diving, it is made up of six theory modules at least five skill sessions in the pool and at least four open water dives.
It's a continually assessed course, so after your classroom and in-water training and a theory exam you'll have the grounding to continue your scuba diving journey.

What will you be qualified to do as well.

Your qualification will be recognised worldwide and you will be qualified to dive to a depth 20 metres, to use breathing gas mixtures of up to 36 percent Nitrox to increase your safety on dives (you'll learn all about nitrox on the course). Many 'Learn to Scuba Dive courses' don't teach Nitrox or rescue skills they are taught as a seperate course at an extra cost! But BSAC believes they are to important an should be taught at the begining of your Scuba Adventure.

What experiences will this open up for you.

At depths down to 20 metres, Ocean Divers have plenty of opportunities to encounter a facinating variety of wildlife and shipwrecks in seas, lakes, quarries and lochs.

Imagine your self floating over a rocky reef teeming with multi coulered fish and covered in sessile life such as sponges and anenomes, swimming with playful grey seals or exploring a shipwreck.

What it going to cost?

Training and Club fees
Student; A person aged 14+ and in full time education

Prices include:

  • All your training
  • Training manuals/packs, tables, log book and qualification book
  • Membership to Havering and Ilford BSAC
  • Full BSAC membership
  • All equipment for pool training(Ocean Diver Only)
  • One years subscription to SCUBA Magazine
  • For more membership and benefits information Click Here

                  Contact us; 01708 725165 or Enquiries@bsac49.org.uk