The Branch (BSAC49) was established in 1957 and is one of the oldest British Sub-Aqua Club's branches. Originally, the Club was based at Ilford and known as Ilford British Sub-Aqua Club-Branch 49.

The Branch would meet at the Cauliflower Pub in High Road, Ilford and train in the old Ilford Baths across the road.


In 1976, the Club moved from Ilford to a new location in Cambourne Avenue, Harold Hill, where upon it changed the name of the Branch to Havering and Ilford British Sub-Aqua Club but kept the Branch number 49.

In 1987, we leased land in Central Park, Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill from Havering Council. In 1988, we commenced the building of our current Clubhouse which was built by Club members.

The Club has held two World Records for Scuba Diving. In 1974, a member lasted 50 hours underwater in a tank. This has been beaten now by members of the Royal Navy, by days! The Club still hold a World Record  for a member lasting 5 hours and 25 minutes on a 12 litre cylinder of air pumped to 200bar in a 12 foot 6 inch pool. The Club has also won the 'Best Float' in the Romford Carnival in 1995.

Havering and Ilford British Sub-Aqua Club has had a varied and interesting past over the last 50 years, far too much to fit on one single web page but, one of our members, Steve Barnett has written a book charting the Club's history from 1957. This can be purchased from the Club for 12, or contact:

old days

Above picture taken in 1965 at Peveral Point, Swanage.
Back: Peter Eke, Bert Doswell, Bob McGiven, Bob Cannon and Howard Carter.
Front: Don Walker, Roger Rose and Lionel Cracknell.
 Howard is still a full diving member!