This board contains information for the members and any notices by the Committee.

Training Days/Weekend

Holborough Lake 26th March
Chepstow NDC Weekend 7th & 8th April
Holborough Lake 18th June
Stoney Cove 4th August
Chepstow NDC Weekend 30 September & 1st October April

For all Training Dives Please See John Hallet - Training Officer


Annual Photographic Competition

As most members are aware this is one of our most coveted awards and highly competitive awards, so please consider your 2017 pictures and place them on the board at the club house.
The club members will vote for the picture they feel should win.
The winner will be presented with their award at the dinner and dance on the 9th December 2017.

                                                          Winner 2016

2016 Winner Bille Pavitt

Basildon Deep Pool Sessions

This is a great evening, the focus on training and skill development but we do encourage all our members to come and
 join in the fun, brush up on skills, test new & check out old

The cost is 10 per person.

Fully paid up BSAC 49 members 5 per person
Please check with Barry Wingrave at the club for the next session

Club RIB

The club RIB is now stored at Simpsons Marine, Newhaven and is available for
members to use. Please speak with the DO before making arrangements.

A new CHIRP Radar system has now been fitted to the RIB, this will allow a better, almost 3D view of the sea bed and make it easier to find the wrecks.

Dives have already gone up on the noticeboard at the Club
so if you want to get on any the dives or would like to arrange a
dive of your own get down the club ASAP, places will go fast.
The charge for a dive on our RIB will be 5 +fuel

Maintenance Days

These are important days and we would like the help of the members.
There are various jobs to be done such as helping to tidy and sort the garage, bar
and cupboards, fitting new signs and photos along with some painting and
many other jobs. These jobs can only be done with the help of the members.
For more information see Graham.

Club Logo's

As from 16 May 2013 the Club logo will change, not much mind. It was decided to to revamp and bring it up to date a little. Please email with your comments.


We are also proud to introduce you to our brand new club mascot. The character has been designed by Christine Newman of Newoak Productions .
Many of the older members will remember Chris as a competent BSAC diver and has supported our club on various club dives. You will notice from cartoons on our club wall that Chris has a very creative talent and this is reflective in her latest venture with her partner Steph Oakly as stop motion animators.


Tee shirts with the new logo are now available
Please email all enquirers to

Email Updates
If you would like
weekly updates on
Dives and events
taking place at the club
please pass your email
address onto Dave

inutes of the AGM
A copy of the minutes will soon be available
for members to read on the notice board at the Club

Note:- The committee meets the first Monday of each month
and that there are No lectures on this night